1. Must be member of AQHA and member of own affiliate

  2. Points will be counted in the Level 3 AQHA-classes

  3. Must register for the AQHA Nordic Cup before points will be

    counted. Points earned before registration date will not be counted.

  4. To be eligible for AQHA Nordic High Point, registered horse and

    rider combo must be shown in at least 2 of the Nordic countries

    presented above.

  5. One exhibitor can register as many horses as they want, but points

    will only be counted for one horse & rider-combination. One rider

    therefore cannot count points on multiple horses.

  6. Points will be counted at all shows that offer AQHA-classes. See

    list below for the shows.

  7. Divisions will be L3 Youth, L3 Amateur and L3 Open.

  8. Points will be counted the following way:

            1st place- 10 points
            2nd place - 8 points
            3rd place - 6 points
            4th place - 4 points
            5th place - 2 points
            6th place and lower - 1 point

            FIRST tiebreaker is by the most number of first places SECOND tiebreaker is by the most number of second places THIRD tiebreaker is by                    number of shows attended
            To be eligible for points, the exhibitor must have a valid score. If disqualified, no points will be counted.


    9. Awards
       AQHA Nordic High Point Rider
       AQHA Nordic Reserve High Point Rider AQHA Nordic Third Place High Point Rider

       AQHA Nordic Cup High Point will also be awarded to the respective winners for each country: i.e. High Point in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and             Finland.


    10. Any questions? Contact your affiliates representative and they will answer any question you might have.

        Sweden, Moa Nyman moa.nyman@sqha.se www.sqha.se

        Denmark, Sofie Lindholm formand@dkqha.dk www.dkqha.dk 

        Norway, Gina Ulveie nqha.no@gmail.com www.nqha.no

        Finland, Meeri Simula sqhyfi@gmail.com www.sqhy.fi



31 of March-2 of April
Kumlegaard Spring Celebration - All-around https://www.springcelebration.dk/spring-celebration-allaround-202 3/
Location: Kumlegaard QH, Roskilde, Denmark
Judge: Stefanie Bubenzer
Classes offered at show: AQHA, APHA; Allbreed, Young Horse Cup & “everybody win”-classes


1-4th of June
NSBA Scandinavia www.nsba.se
Location: Grevagården Ryttarförening, Sweden
Judges: TBA
Classes offered at show: AQHA, APHA, NSBA, Allbreed


18th of June
Ride In 2023 - Mega Slide, https://tusecreekranch.dk/ride-in/ Location: Tuse Creek Ranch, Regstrup, Denmark
Judge: Lucy Jane Adams
Classes offered at show: AQHA and Allbreed
15-17th of June offers NRHA.dk, NRHA and APHA reining


30th of June - 2nd of July
Norway Open - NQHA.no
Location: Big Dream Arena, 1940 Bjoerkelangen, Norway Judge: TBA
Classes offered at show: AQHA, APHA, NRHA and allbreed


13-16 of July
Swedish Quarter Horse All Around Championships www.sqha.se Location: Vetlandaortens Ryttarförening, Sweden
Judges: Cédric Leroux & Nicolas Perrin
Classes offered at show: AQHA, APHA, NSBA, Allbreed, SQHA Super Horse Challenge & Futurity.


28-30 of July
Danish Paint Horse Championship, www.painthorseclub.dk Location: Jylland, Denmark

Judges: TBA. 3 judges for APHA, 2 judges for AQHA + Allbreed Classes offered at show: APHA, AQHA, Allbreed, NSBA.se Young Horse Cup


18-20 of August
Swedish Quarter Horse Cow & Reining Championships www.sqha.se
Location: Axevalla Travbana Sweden
Judges: Unknown, 1 judge
Classes offered at show: TBA


8-10 of September
Danish Quarter Horse Championship, www.dkqha.dk Location: Kumlegaard QH, Roskilde, Denmark
Judges: TBA, 2 judges
Classes offered at show: AQHA, NRHA.dk, Allbreed, DQAF futurity & maturity